If I should go in Sicily, and I could chose the place obviously I will point my finger on Siracusa for many reasons. I will find more to watch because of the culture which is made of; A lot to discover because of the many archaeological sites on it; wonderful weather and temperature because is really nearest to the sea. Looking Siracusa in picture is not the same to look at it personally. I was born here and I use to say that Iove may city… so I love Siracusa! … But in the best angle of this place there is an island with more and more of everything: Ortigia’a Island! Here people say that they use to Love Ortigia for the feelings that gives! Would you like to try that? … If yes please consider to stay in an house with the name of Ortigiadamare (LovingOrtigia) where our feelings are exactly what we talk till now!

Have a nice holiday … in every part of the world … but expecially if you’ll decide to meet the Ortigia’s Island in Siracusa down in Sicily!

We are here:

B&B Ortigia d’aMare
Via Arsenale 46 Sc.F
96100 Siracusa (SR)